Ribbons of peace, courage, understanding and showing up.

Stepping of our comfort zone, choosing to get educated, speaking up, showing up and disagreeing because that is what it takes to fairly support our brothers and sisters. This is the times that we are facing as humanity, and as a whole standing up together for our voices to be heard, holding hand to hand from anywhere and everywhere.

Before I go on, I must admit, that YES I have been part of racist thoughts and comments at some point in my life. Judging, labeling and despectively allowed words to come out of my mouth before even thinking of the harm I was causing with that behavior. Some of it were influenced by beliefs that were previously implanted in me while i was younger, and some of it too, because of experiences lived by being an immigrant whom first language is not English. Realizing now that such behavior needed a shift and that whatever was taught to me or experienced on my own flesh, did not justify to show up as a racist being.

Admitting this makes me even feel disappointed, but instead of trying to undo what has been done or said, because there is no time machine to go back and act differently. I decided to stay in the fire until truthfully letting go of those beliefs, and not only educate myself but also talk, and educate those around me willing to listen with an open heart. Putting into practice non-violence with my thoughts nor words. Growing into full responsibility of myself, by fearlessly sympathizing and speaking up for true and equal rights, yes, all lives: black, white, and in between matters, regardless where you come from, Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America, Caribe, I mean it from anywhere. Instead of labeling based on skin color, accent, ethnic background, sexual orientation and/or gender, look within you may be surprised of the importance of being inclusive by including everyone.

It is a constant work, we don’t have a magic wand to magically change anything nor anybody. But when we show up regardless, when we stand for what’s right over what’s safe, over the fear of being judged, criticized, or even staying in denial, instead choosing to be educated to be able to understand the core of any situation, behavior. It does takes commitment to show up courageously , and the choice is on each and everyone of us.

Sharing love, peace, and kindness!!


New Moon, New Beginnings.

Have you ever ask yourself: Is there any room in me that needs clean up? I’m not talking about taking a shower or brushing our teeth, read on and you will see what I mean.

You see like a stuffed drawer with things that don’t fit anymore, and every time you open it gets more difficult to close it. Our minds can get like that too. We can start storing many thoughts, causing us overthinking, feeling that we are carrying a heavy weight on our shoulders (I say our shoulders because physically is where tension and stress can show up) And sometimes we can feel this extra weight that we have been carrying on our guts, causing us even to feel sick. It can be definitely manifested in various forms.

Now, when we allow ourselves to stop, analyse and put a name to what has been causing this tension, overthinking, uncertainty and/or doubts, the decision to jump on the path of releasing, to let go and clean up is on us. This New Moon is offering up a magnificent energy for us to allow ourselves to perform some emotional healing, however that looks for you. It can be by releasing some old wounds that are still causing troublesome on your heart, mind and guts; it can also be forgiving, yourself and/or others. By granting ourselves a breakthrough to what has been causing discomfort, pain and/or sorrow, we are cleaning up, we are making up space, allowing us to welcome new energy, peace, forgiving, love and declutter . The burden and extra weight can be release, and we shall continue on moving forward.

The need of sharing this, is because of feelings, wounds and overthinking i needed to let go myself. Recognizing that i can send my good thoughts and positive vibes, thanking this New Moon energy and wisdom for assisting me on performing some cleaning up myself, and sleeping like a baby last night. The road can be bumpy and sometimes even feel like a rollercoaster, but the first step is your, mine decision, it will allow us to take ownership of our lives.

Hoping this serves you all well, sharing positive vibes. Namaste!!

Give yourself a break…

How many times do we keep on pushing just a little more because we can do it, because it’s totally fine to spread ourselves so thin until our bodies remind us, is time to take a break, and sometimes is not on an easy gentle form reminder.

Being gentle to ourselves doesn’t mean giving up on a task or responsibility, it means to listen to our bodies when is signaling for a break, a time out, a moment of rest. And yet it seems that I have failed to listen to these signals, opening my eyes and see that I, once again pushed a bit too far. Taking this moment to remind myself and everybody out there, that our health is very valuable. Everything we do it contributes to either keep our health in balance or out of it.

Taking it one step at a time, staying connected to my body, breath and mind. Choose not to overflow my mind with what can happen next, or what I could’ve been done to avoid taking a forced break. Treating my mind with kindness, is a step towards healing.

Hoping this serves you all well, sharing a ton of positive vibes. May the light in me shine the light on each and every one of you!!! Namaste.

Being present.

Sitting in my backyard, with a cup of Cuban coffee and contemplating the rain fall, making that beautiful sound when it touches the floor, the windows, the roof. Pausing to stare at the tireless clouds decorating our beautiful sky. Taking a deep breath in thru my nose, and big exhale out of my mouth, a smile on my face suddenly appears and immediately a feeling of gratitude hugs my heart. A sense of joy I experience in this precious moment that I slowed down to pause and acknowledge my surroundings. Now the Sun is starting to come out, three birds just flew by, and I ask myself, what would I missed if I wouldn’t pause for that moment of enjoyment of mother Nature’s beauty?

As humankind is experiencing a shift on their daily routines, activities and endless to do’s that we allow from now and then, to wrap us in a constant functioning hamster wheel; take advantage of this slow phase to ask yourself: How can this be for good? What is the lesson in this for me? Allow yourself to take moments of pausing, to consciously breath, observe around you and notice your surroundings, you’ll be surprise to see things you never saw before, even if they were there. Flowers, the clouds, your path from your front door to your car, the stars, the moon, birds singing, kids playing, laughing. Learning to be present, rather than just physically but mentally too. Acquiring the gift of being present, allows each of us to not miss out on the endless things, yet simple and meaningful, that matters to ourselves, our families, surroundings, communities and the world that’s housing us while we visit.

Sharing positive vibes and kindness with each and everyone of you!! Namaste.

With love: Jess_grounded


It is the times of hopeless desperation that shape and mold us into someone of depth.

This quote aids me in reflecting how can I stay committed to my self-discipline. Regardless of the situation, external noises, I choose to stay true to myself, anchoring to the routines that I have developed over time in order to keep me grounded, centered and engage. Putting into practice while embodying my yoga practice. Yoga is much more than asanas, physical postures, which is the third limb of yoga. There are five more and the foundation, ethical practices that allow us to evolve and shift into better versions of ourselves. Yamas and Niyamas are these ethical practices, the solid tools that we carry everywhere we go.

Tapas-Self discipline, the 3rd Niyama is the one that allows me to transform, tolerate and stay determined. It empowers me to make right choices, and stay in integrity even when no-one is around. For now, lets reflect on the following: Are you making choices that are indulgent, or making choices that build your strength and character?

With gratitude, sharing positive vibes. Namaste.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

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